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Wealth Management

Integrated advice is better advice

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As a successful individual or small business owner, you have a multitude of complex financial and tax needs and opportunities that evolve over time. As you become more successful or reach a life transition, the complexity most often increases.

Each time you encountered a financial need or problem, you sought the expertise of someone to solve that problem. Over time, you likely ended up with a potpourri of advisors — a stockbroker for investments, an accountant for taxes and an insurance salesman. Yet, since no one has the capability of considering your situation holistically, advice is delivered in a vacuum and may often be conflicting.

Some common, multi-disciplinary questions and concerns:

  • Is my insurance agent recommending this because he is making a big commission or because it’s right for me? And how much commission is he making?
  • Why does my investment gal always tell me to ‘consult your tax advisor?’
  • What good is my investment portfolio that buys taxable investments but doesn’t even consider my tax return?
  • What good is my tax return if it doesn’t consider the tax-efficiency of my assets?
  • How much should I put into my retirement plan? Should that be directed to pre-tax or Roth contributions?
  • Does my company even have the right type of retirement plan? Or might I be better off by not having a retirement plan at all?
  • How much do I need to net after taxes from my business sale to maintain my lifestyle throughout retirement? What actions should I be taking now to improve my business and increase the sale price?
  • What type of account – taxable, tax-deferred, or tax-free – should I withdraw money from first in retirement? Do I need to be concerned about RMDs?
  • How should I be making my charitable contributions to yield the most tax advantages?

Integrated Is Better.

Since 2007 we have been providing integrated wealth management services through our wholly-owned, predecessor company True Wealth Design. Year in and year out we handle your planning, investments, and taxes in concert with coordinated advice from our tax and Certified Financial Planner™ professionals. We make sure your financial matters are in strategic alignment with your life goals.

No longer do you have to reconcile the conflicting advice of your potpourri of advisors. Your time is freed-up from the multitude of meetings and communicating the recommendations of one advisor to the others. You realize cost-efficiencies and the benefits of coordinated, transparent, fiduciary advice in your best interests.

Through our personal relationship and coupled with our uncommon expertise providing complete integration of your financial life, we can help you achieve the clarity and confidence you seek while protecting your family’s future.